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At the Grayling Company, your journey upstream begins with PR. Whether you’re an emerging company or an established giant, the Grayling Company lets your targets know who you are and what you can do for them. We all know that he who speaks the loudest gets heard the most. PR is your megaphone. The Grayling Company is your loudspeaker. With the know-how of the slick New York Madison Avenue agency, at the affordable price of the shop-around-the-corner, the Grayling Company is your resource for “getting the word out.” Let us help build your reputation so that your targets know who you are when they need you.

Print Advertising

Another way to build your rep is through display ads. Whether that be an attention-getting flyer on the wall of a retailer, or an attractive ad in the daily newspaper, the Grayling Company offers affordable and creative print pieces that communicate and sell your message. No client is too big or too small to benefit from print advertising. And in the new millennium with the multitude of distribution mediums there is no better time in history to proclaim – ADVERTISING WORKS!

Newsletters and Brochures

Newsletters and brochures are a staple of the Grayling Company. It’s where we marry the picture and the written word to persuade your customer to buy what you’re selling. From the black & white Insider News at the corner bar, to the slick brochure in the Fortune 500 Company lobby, the Grayling Company can churn what you need on a dime to establish and perpetuate your image in your customers’ minds.

Senior Citizen Inspirational Essay Library

The Grayling Company has available a complete library of inspirational essays appropriate for senior citizen publications. Perfect as an addition to your nursing home newsletter, these one-of-a-kind essays are a Grayling Company online exclusive. Click on the thumbnail for a sample piece.


First-Ever Weight Training Video for Elderly Press Release.pdf

May 2004 Service Coordinator’s Corner.pdf

July 2004 Service Coordinator’s Corner.pdf    

Marketing Plans

We highly recommend drawing a “roadmap” to target your marketing dollars. Commonly called a marketing plan, this roadmap clearly outlines your business objectives and is a written reminder of how to reach your goals. Whether we help craft this map, or you do it yourself, always remember to run ANYTHING you do through this invaluable filter.   Whether you need an impact-driven website or a sales-inducing television commercial, the Grayling Company knows whom to contact to get it done for you. Although these valuable communications tools are not in-house staples, the Grayling Company can get you hooked up to reliable and stellar providers. Let us know what bait you need to catch your customer. We’ll deliver.

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